A Simple Friday Evening Message to You from our friends, Celtic Cross

originally posted May 2, 2014

CelticCross_DalyCommWe are asking for all of your help for #KeenanStrong, a fund raising group for our very good friend Billy Keenan.  Billy was tragically injured this fall in a surfing accident and has suffered catastrophic spinal injuries leaving him unable to use his arms or legs.   A prominent NYC musician, army vet, HS teacher, father and husband needs our help…  his story is detailed at www.keenanstrong.org.   Billy was for all intents and purposes part of Celtic Cross, sitting in with us numerous times.   We are working hard as part of #KeenanStrong to help… and we are reaching out to you to help too.

Here are a few ways you can help…

  1.  COME OUT THIS WEEKEND#KeenanStrong Concert Series kicks off Saturday night May 3rd in Mineola/Long Island and Yonkers… followed by a huge open air concert on Sunday May 4th  in Rockland County.   Musical appearances by Celtic Cross… and Andy Cooney, Eileen Ivers, Joanie Madden, Girsa, Jameson’s Revenge, Cunningham Brothers, Dennis Gallery, Canny Brothers, The Narrowbacks, Broken Banjo Strings, Primetime Showband, NYPD Pipes and so much more. Hundreds of raffle and auction prizes and big Live Auction Prizes.
  2.  DONATE NOW ONLINE… a fund has been setup for the Keenan family and you can donate directly to them now via PayPal.   They need your help now so don’t wait. Click here to give now.
  3. LISTEN TO HIS MUSIC... Pat Dineen from Celtic Cross and over 30 area players and singers joined together to finish a record Billy started but did not get to finish before his accident.   The new CD will be called Believe and will be released this weekend at the #KeenanStrong concerts.  If you are there, pick up a copy.   If not…listen to a few tracks now online.   Look out for an email next week about how you can buy.   In particular, read these stories (another story) about the record and the fantastic new single Nothing More.

Thanks for reading, praying, supporting and giving to this great person who has had this terrible thing happen.

See you all soon,

Celtic Cross