James Hood Releases PURE CEREMONY!

James Hood is back and better than ever! This time, James Hood has outdone himself with his new record, PURE CEREMONY. Stephen Hill, Host of the popular radio show Hearts of Space, praises Hood’s work by saying this album is “an evolutionary vehicle, where just the right amount of musical development and embellishment was added to the project.” This album is a special two disc set featuring 18 soothing songs in a gorgeous case showing the beauty of the Panart Hang drum used to create the music on the front cover of the album.

James Hood began his journey as a drummer for The Pretenders, and then moved on to join forces with Grant Showbiz to create a series of visionary Ambient/Electronic albums under the “Moodswings” brand. After the duo dissolved in 2001, Hood finished the final album solo in 2002. Now, James Hood has truly made a name for himself with his extraordinary talents on the Panart Hang drum.

One of the few instruments invented in the last 100 years, James Hood plays the mesmeric instrument, the Panart Hang drum, and brings immersive entertainment to the world. James Hood says when he plays the instrument “it feels like a miracle.” Interestingly, the production of the drum has ceased, but the sound it creates is continual. The instrument is a circular shape made of steel that requires both hand and finger movement. The instrument has 7 designated notes that creates a beautiful rhythm similar to “sonic incense”, says Hood. James Hood confidently describes the sound as “medication for tired minds.” See him in action for yourself here!

PURE CEREMONY is not just the successor of the incredibly popular CEREMONY album, but is a deeper luxuriant sound of the Panart Hang. This global release will bring a peaceful experience to all listeners and, according to James Hood himself, will access “the divine within us all that is available in every waking (and sleeping) moment.”

After the release of PURE CEREMONY, the album instantly made the #2 spot on the iTunes US World chart, #2 spot on the UK World chart, and made the #1 spot on iTunes Australia and iTunes Canada’s World charts, as well as the #1 spot on the Amazon Canada World chart!

Be sure to get James Hood’s new double CD PURE CEREMONY, available now!