Larry Kirwan / Black 47

“Apart from representing me as a musician, I know Anita’s efforts and work ethic through being on the other side with my show, Keltic Krush on SiriusXM,” says Black 47’s Larry Kirwan.

“She is always tireless in working for her various artists and follows up with me on each of them.  I also tend to listen to whatever she sends as I know her bar is high; she’s not really into representing projects that don’t have some artistic or commercial merit — and usually both.  Besides, she has a sense of humor and a huge store of optimism, two essential qualities in this ever changing and turbulent business.”

Leo Moran, The Saw Doctors

“We’ve been crossing the ocean now for 20 years and Anita has been an irrepressibly energetic enthusiast, promoter and supporter of ours from way back,” enthuses Leo Moran of the Saw Doctors.

“She’s always looking out for the next interesting act on the scene and always tackling her work with a genuine love and a deep passion for the music. She has helped us and so many others to forge a place for ourselves not only among the Irish community, but also far beyond to wherever people are interested in music and songs.”

Tara Chiari, VP Marketing, Capitol Music Group

“If you want to infiltrate the Irish-American community there is no one who will be more effective than Anita Daly!

“I’ve worked with her for more than 10 years on a variety of projects including our multi-platinum selling Celtic Woman and The High Kings.  She was incredibly instrumental in helping us introduce Celtic Woman to the Irish-American media and mapped out a very effective campaign that reached specialty Irish radio programs, print outlets (every Irish publication out there, right down to the small ones that are distributed in pubs and go straight to the heart), Irish TV programs (Out of Ireland that syndicates on PBS TV), promotion at the St. Patrick’s Day parade and supporting events around the country and even ground support with street teamers hitting Irish music festivals and Irish bars/pubs in target markets.  She knows every facet of the Irish-American marketplace, from media to touring to advertising to publicity, leaves no stone unturned and has the utmost respect of all her peers.”

MIKE FARRAGHER music writer,
The Irish Voice/

“Anita Daly has broad and deep contacts within the traditional and alternative media outlets and is a master of social media. I have a personal experience of dealing with her as she pitched me story ideas for my Irish Voice/ columns and I was so impressed with her tenacity and commitment to the artist that I ended up hiring her when I released my books! You worked hard to create what you did: do you really want to trust the promotion of it to anyone else? Anita is an indispensable champion in your corner!”


“The Celtic Tenors have worked with Daly Communications for many years and trust Anita Daly to provide the most effective PR service for the group across the United States.  Daly Communications have always managed to increase the group’s presence and awareness with each tour across the States, and has consistently delivered a top rate and professional campaign with print, radio and TV in an efficient and friendly manner.  It has been a pleasure working with Daly Communications.”